Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Ideas For The Vegan On Your List

Jessica Danov

Whether your Christmas list includes a friend new to the vegan lifestyle, a family member with dietary restrictions, or you just want to get a little something cruelty-free for yourself we’ve got you covered this holiday season!

For The Newbie: BOSH! How to Live Vegan Save the Planet and Feel Amazing

This book covers everything from plant-based cooking to implementing cruelty-free living with ease.

For The Makeup Junkie: 100% PURE Punk Princess Palette

This palette features three eyeshadows, a blush, and highlighter pigmented with antioxidant-rich fruits without any toxic dyes, is completely cruelty-free and offers anti-aging benefits!

For The Chocolate Lover: Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates

Not only does this chocolate company produce the highest quality gourmet chocolate, it implements fair trade practices and uses non-GMO ingredients. They have a wide array of specialty items for Christmas including fancy boxes of assorted flavours perfect for a family gathering or a chocolate Santa filled with gummies for the kids.

For The Friend Who Wears Their Heart On Their Sleeve: Powered by Plants T-Shirt

This is a great option for the guy who likes to prove you don’t need meat to build muscle and can be a great conversation starter with fellow gym-goers.

For The Foodie: PLANTA gift certificate

PLANTA is a beautiful restaurant that offers upscale, full-service dining that is entirely and deliciously plant-based. Perfect for a date night for your favourite couple friends.

We hope you love the gifts we recommend! Just so you know, The Harlton Empire may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

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