Our Outdoor Entertaining Must-Haves From Crate & Barrel


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From spring until winter, the patio is one of the most important rooms of your home. It’s the go-to place for late night drinks, BBQ’s with friends, and family parties. Your patio is an opportunity for you to create your own unique oasis to soak up the sun and enjoy the weather.

Entertaining? Make sure to have an alfresco food prep, grilling and dining area. If possible also create a space for your guests to relax with cocktails while dinner is being prepped. Make sure your guests stay comfy with pillows, blankets, and hammocks. If your patio space is small, try to add items that can be easily moved, or serve double duty.

Don’t forget to set the mood with fresh plants and potted flowers. As dusk falls, make sure to turn on outdoor lanterns and string lights to finish off the evening in style.

Looking for inspiration? Scroll through our favorite outdoor entertaining items from Crate & Barrel.

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