The Prettiest Journals For All Your Spring Dreams

Kat Harlton

Although I’ve always loved to write, growing up I was never really the type of girl to keep a diary or a journal. When I started my theatre program in college that changed, as many of my classes required that we journal as part of our final mark. At first I wasn’t a big fan, and I did it just because I had to, but over time I realized it wasn’t so much about the content, as it was about the consistency.

Just like anything in life, (whether that’s playing basketball, eating healthy or being a better friend) if you want to benefit from it or be good at it, you need to be consistent and willing to put in the effort. Over time it becomes easier and changes from being something you have to do, to something you actually look forward to doing.

One of the best parts of journaling is picking the journal itself. Below are some of the prettiest journals I’ve ever seen, perfect for keeping all of your spring goals and dreams safe.

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