Preview: “One Winter Proposal” A Hallmark Channel “Winterfest” Original Movie

By: Kat Harlton
All Media Courtesy of Crown Media United States LLC

Taylor Cole (“Falling for You,” “Salvation”) and Jack Turner (“One Winter Weekend,” “The Landlord,” “Legends of Tomorrow”) star in Hallmark Channel’s “One Winter Proposal” a new original movie premiering Saturday, January 12, (8 p.m. ET/PT). The film is part of the network’s popular, annual “Winterfest” programming event.

About The Movie:

Since Cara (Cole) and Ben (Turner) met a year ago her novel is going to be published, he’s starting his own company, and their relationship has grown into a lasting love. Now toasting their romance at a New Year’s Eve party, they see their best friends Megan (Bernard) and Sean (Williams) talking awkwardly. These two hit it off at the same ski lodge where Ben and Cara met, but they were too wrapped up in busy schedules to ignite their spark. Playing matchmakers, Cara and Ben ask Megan to join them at the chalet again, neglecting to mention Sean is the resort’s new doctor. Soon after Megan’s arrival to the resort, Cara and Ben cook up an excuse to get her to the infirmary. Now alone, Ben asks Cara for a lighter from his pocket so he can start a fire, and there she finds a jewelry store receipt, leading her to believe Ben is going to propose. But while Ben might have marriage on his mind, he’s also got another proposal to worry about. A potential investor is at the resort and Ben has landed a meeting with him. Though he eventually does want to marry Cara, he’s worried about her feelings regarding their relationship. He’s just read the new ending to Cara’s novel – while her lead characters appeared to be in love before they’re now splitting up, leaving him to wonder if life will soon be imitating art.

“One Winter Proposal” is from Crown Media Productions, LLC. San Spry and Eric Scott Woods are executive producers. Dave Hansen serves as co-producer. Gary Yates directed from a script written by Eric Brooks, based on characters created by Erinne Dobson.

4 thoughts

  1. I think there should be a sequel to One Winter Proposal. Or a series of sequels. Making sure the same actors remain the same.

  2. Further to my previous comment, I love Meghan and Sean’s characters. Spruce something up for them. Let’s see Cara and Ben’s wedding planned by Lisa Porter.

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