Preview: “Christmas Made To Order” A Hallmark Channel ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Original Movie

By: Kat Harlton

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Alexa PenaVega (Spy Kids franchise, “Love at Sea”) and Jonathan Bennett (“Awkward,” Mean Girls) star in Hallmark Channel’s “Christmas Made to Order” a new, original movie premiering Sunday, December 23, (8 p.m. ET/PT) as part of the network’s #1-rated programming event, Countdown To Christmas.

About The Movie:

Gretchen (PenaVega) works for a catalogue company but in her spare time decks the halls of homes and companies via her side business, Holidays Made to Order. While decorating a lobby, she accidentally showers architect Steven (Bennett) in artificial snow and he grumpily claims that while he likes Christmas, he doesn’t see the need for all the hoopla. But when Steven learns he’ll be hosting this year’s family celebration, he hires Gretchen to be his Christmas connoisseur, and in no time, his parents, sister, brother-in-law, and niece are treating Gretchen like part of the family. Watching them enjoy the holiday, Steven finally joins in, becoming smitten with Gretchen as well.

As they grow close, the two confide their true passions; he admitting he’d rather design homes than buildings; and she, revealing she wants to do Holidays Made to Order full time. Proving he fully supports her, Steven asks his firm to offer Gretchen a year-round decorator job, but she feels she’ll be stifled and declines. Hearing this, Steven offers to double what he’d originally intended to pay Gretchen, which makes her feel like she’s been nothing but his employee all along. Now it’s up to Steven to prove to Gretchen that while their relationship began as a business deal, it truly has become a made-to-order love story.

“Christmas Made to Order” is a Hybrid Production for Hallmark. Sam Irvin directed from a script by Matt Marx and Anna White.

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