Preview: “Time For Me To Come Home For Christmas” A Hallmark Movies & Mysteries ‘Miracles Of Christmas’ Original Movie

By: Kat Harlton
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Josh Henderson (“The Arrangement,” “Dallas”) and Megan Park (“Once Upon a Prince,” “Imposters”) star in Hallmark Movies & MysteriesTime for Me to Come Home for Christmas” a new original premiering Sunday, December 9, (9 p.m. ET/PT). Based on the book Time for Me to Come Home by Dorothy Shackleford and Travis Thrasher, and the song by Blake Shelton, the movie part of the network’s annual “Miracles of Christmas” programming event.

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About The Movie:

Cara (Park) is in New York to get a loan for the family business, but the banker insists she trim her workforce first. Now Cara must go home to Oklahoma to tell her dad, making it an even tougher Christmas since her mother’s passing. To top things off, she gets stranded in Chicago in bad weather. Country singer Heath Sawyer (Henderson) is in the same boat. His dad recently passed, and he’s trying to get to Tulsa for Christmas with his mother. Accidentally spilling coffee on Cara in the terminal, Heath doesn’t start off on the right foot, but he does begin to charm her in the restaurant, where he introduces himself as Lee, delighted for once not to be recognized.

Unfortunately, while stuck in a Chicago hotel, two attractive women recognize Heath, and Cara feels duped. With O’Hare closed the next day, she and Heath take a bus, and he explains that Lee is his real middle name, so Cara softens, and as they continue to travel to their separate Christmases, Cara shares her family business woes, Heath reveals he hasn’t written a song since his father’s death, and they start to fall in love. But when Cara sees a tabloid linking Heath with a model, and when Heath unwittingly offends her dad by offering financial help, it looks like it will take a Christmas miracle for them to find true harmony.

“Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas” is from Time Road Productions, Ltd. Harvey Kahn, Orly Adelson, Michael Shepard and Blake Shelton are executive producers. Charles Cooper serves as producer. David Winning directed from the screenplay by Shem Bitterman, based on the book Time for Me to Come Home by Dorothy Shackleford and Travis Thrasher, and the song by Blake Shelton.

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