Gilmore Girls Gift Guide: 10 Must Have Items


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Head over to Stars Hollow, grab a cup of Luke’s famous coffee and become an honorary Gilmore Girl with one of these must have items!

Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow Poster

If you’re a true Gilmore Girls fan, you’ll appreciate this subtle nod to the best spots in Stars Hollow! Perfect for dorm rooms and coffee nooks!

Luke’s Coffee Mug

“How many cups have you had this morning?”

Gilmore Girls Bracelet

Add a touch of Stars Hollow to your next outfit, with this Stranger Things inspired charm bracelet.

Gilmore Girls Calendar

Hang out with the Stars Hollow gang all year!

Vicious Trollop Makeup Bag

The perfect pouch to keep makeup, school supplies, crafts, or a bracelet from your Dean ;)

Luke’s Diner Socks

Rep your favorite diner, with this cozy pair of socks.

Honorary Gilmore Girl Pillowcase

Grab your coffee, get cozy, and let the world know you’re an honorary Gilmore with this pillowcase!

Stars Hollow: An Adult Coloring and Activity Book Inspired by Gilmore Girls

Step into Stars Hollow with this hand-drawn coloring and activity book. Highlights include the Stars Hollow Book Club (a complete list of all the books referenced in the show), as well as color-in and cutout bookmarks, Bingo boards, recipe cards, and more! 

Gilmore Girls Tumblr

Coffee Coffee Coffee!

50 Pack Gilmore Girls Stickers

Has multiple different graphics including the Luke’s, Chilton, the Birkin bag and more!

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