Live Life Lighter: Toronto’s Largest Upscale Meditation Studio ‘Hoame’ is Now Open

The city’s largest upscale meditation studio, Hoame, has officially opened its doors and is inviting Torontonians to #LiveLifeLighter.

Offering a modernized hub where the traditional practice of meditation blends seamlessly into a contemporary lifestyle, Hoame is Toronto’s largest one-stop destination for enhanced body and mind health offerings. A variety of meditation practices, experiential workshops, corporate offerings and curated products are all available and customized to fit the lives of the busy city dweller.


Improving upon modern meditation studios frequented in New York and Los Angeles, therapists and co-founders Stephanie Kersta MSc, RP and Carolyn Plater-Zyberk MSW, RSW are taking their clinical expertise to the mainstream by demonstrating that the benefits of meditation and mindfulness are not just for celebrities and business executives.

“Meditation is all about returning Hoame to yourself,” states Stephanie Kersta, co-founder.

“Every aspect of Hoame is designed to reflect that; from our Living Room area with a fireplace – where we’ll be hosting fireside chats – to the suspended armchairs where people can hang out in between sessions. We also offer a charcoal-based lemonade and adaptogens on tap and will be diffusing a custom Hoame-branded essential oil blend in-studio to help cultivate mindfulness.”


Classes revolve around seated meditation, mindful movement and higher intensity spiritual workouts, where working-out meets working-in. Participants can also enjoy a complimentary elixir shot and warm face towel after every practice. Additional features make Hoame a must- visit mindful destination in the heart of the city’s hustle:

A “Light” Meditation Room: Complete with a “living wall” of greenery and sunken ceiling with hanging vines, Hoame’s Light room is perfect for counteracting the effects of shorter days and longer nights as the seasons turn cooler.


A “Dark” Meditation Room: With a cosmic ceiling, curved walls, carbon-coloured cushions and a baseboard underglow, Hoame’s Dark room offers the ideal place to calm the mind after spending hours under fluorescent lights.


Himalayan Rock Salt Cave: With over five tons of Himalayan pink crystal salt, Hoame’s rock salt cave will transport your mind from the chaos of the city to the surreal of the subterranean. Perfect for elevating one’s mood and bodily health with a cleansing and detoxifying experience.


Infrared Sauna: Get the healthy benefits of sunlight minus the dangers of solar radiation with full spectrum, infrared therapy. Accompanied mood lighting and soothing music is included to help the release of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins.


Hoame’s specialized workshops offer elevated educational experiences that feature big names and cover trending topics such as the benefits of cupping, CBD and crystals 101, giving attendees the opportunity to de-stress and gain perspective all while trying something completely new.

Hoame is now open and located at 430 Adelaide Street West. Hoame invites Torontonians to experience the powerful benefits of becoming more present through regular meditation, helping us all #LiveLifeLighter.

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