Review: “Mermaid’s Song” Starring Iwan Rheon (2015)

By: John Allen


Mankind has always thrilled itself with tales of Gods and Monsters. Often these tales were told by master writers, in richly bound books with pretty illustrations. Then came the movies, and the medium for fairy tales expanded beyond our own imaginations, the drawings coming to life on the silver screen. The Mermaid’s Song takes a familiar Hans Christian Anderson story and continues its theme with beautiful tragedy.

Starring Iwan Rhoen (Game of Thrones, Vicious) as Randall,  and introducing Katelyn Mager as Charlotte, The Mermaid’s Song is a film of exquisite beauty. Every shot in is measured and detailed. The soundtrack is gorgeous and a fitting representation of the era in which our story takes place. Set in the 1930’s, it tells the tale of Charlotte a young girl who longs to help her struggling family keep their business afloat. One day Randall appears and makes her Father an offer he simply cannot refuse bringing in a seedy underbelly of criminal activity into their lives. It is through this gangster ridden nightmare that Charlotte discovers the shocking truth about herself and the power that she wields.


The Mermaid’s Song is skillfully directed by Nicholas Humphries in a haunting style that draws us in much like the sirens song itself. The setting is perfect, the cinematography exceptional, and the mood of the film never flinches or wanders from where it is and should be. The acting by Iwan Rhoen is delicious and sinister, this man plays villains extremely well. Katelyn Mager is enchanting in her role as Charlotte and hits every note evenly. The movie is nearly flawless. To say that The Mermaid’s Song is a Horror movie is arguable, to say it is an extremely dark fairy tale suited for adults is not. There are a few nightmarish scenes to be sure but nothing with the knockout punch that is usually found in the Horror genre. I commend the make up and visual effects when the mermaid is revealed in her full form. It is elegant and frightening all at the same time. Over all I was extraordinarily impressed with The Mermaid’s Song, both for its style and exceptional story telling. You will not regret watching this masterpiece.

4.5 out of 5 Siren Songs

From director Nicholas Humphries, and starring Iwan Rheon, Katelyn Mager, and Brendan Taylor, Mermaid’s Song arrives on digital September 18 2018.

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