Preview: “Truly, Madly, Sweetly” A New Hallmark Channel ‘Fall Harvest’ Movie


By: Kat Harlton
All Media Courtesy of Crown Media United States LLC

Nikki DeLoach and Dylan Neal star in Hallmark Channel’s “Truly, Madly, Sweetly,” a new, original ‘Fall Harvest‘ movie premiering Saturday, September 22, (9p.m. ET/PT).

Truly Madly Sweetly (4)

About The Movie:

Natalie, the owner of a San Francisco food truck business selling cupcakes, and Eric, a finance manager and divorced dad are brought together when Eric’s aunt, also a longtime customer of Natalie’s, passes away and leaves them a building which happens to be the site of a once-famous bakery. Forced into this new partnership, they discover selling the building won’t be easy because it has been declared a historical site.

Romance blooms as they spend time together in the process of renovating the old bakery. However, Natalie’s desire to keep things strictly business could put an end to the partnership before the grand opening. Starring Nikki DeLoach and Dylan Neal.

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