Three-Time JUNO Nominee Don Amero Shows Off Dynamic Country-Rock Songwriting Skills On Sixth Album Evolution

http://donamero.caDon Amero is turning over a new leaf and stepping into the country music genre with brand new material that he considers his strongest yet. For the Winnipeg musician, his sixth album, Evolution—set for release on Aug. 24 (via all digital retailers) is all about embracing the change. The result is a seamless blend of rock-tinged country and roots that speaks to the challenges faced by anyone trying to maintain a balance between work and family while pursuing their dreams. Co-produced by Bart McKay and Murray Pulver, Evolution dwells heavily on the value of finding your place in the world and making peace with it. That message comes through loud and clear on the album’s second single “Live While I’m Alive,” as well as its follow up “Give It To You,” set to hit radio in mid-July.

An engaging storyteller, singer/songwriter and performer who has been touring, performing and speaking across Canada for the past decade, the three-time JUNO nominee has earned respect and proven himself to be a much sought-after performer who is able to genuinely connect with his audience with an easy and effortless charm.

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“It’s taken me 11 years to evolve into the artist I am today, and these songs are a testament to that growth,” he says. “Working alongside music pros like Murray Pulver and Bart McKay has absolutely raised the bar beyond what I’ve done up to date. One of the most pleasurable things about making this album is hearing what the other players have brought to this project. It has been a labour of love by all involved and I am positive you’ll be able to feel that when you hear these songs. My plan is to continue evolving into the next chapter of my career, but I can honestly say that this album captures where I am at today.”Raised in the notoriously tough north end of Winnipeg, Don faced his share of adversity growing up. Yet, despite the poverty, gangs, drugs and violence that surrounded him, his life was tempered by love and support that held him up enabling him to thrive beyond those struggles and find his passion in music.

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It wasn’t until age 27 that he gave music his best shot. While working as a hardwood floor installer, one day his boss plainly asked Don what he wanted to do with his life. When Don replied, “I want to be a touring musician and do music full time,” and his boss said, “what are you waiting for,” Don suddenly realized that he’d been waiting for someone else to give him a shot. With that, he quit his job and began the journey into a career in music. Now recognized nationally and internationally, Don impresses wherever he goes with his messages of encouragement, positivity, and beauty – music is medicine.


1. Live While I’m Alive
2. How I Feel
3. Addicted
4. Smoke In My Eyes
5. Give It To You
6. Church
7. Try
8. You & Me & The Moon
9. Head Over Heels

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