New Season: Love It Or List It, Season 7 (2018)

Love It or List It, Season 7
Broadcast Premiere
Monday, July 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Has the love affair with your home hit a roadblock? Should you start seeing other houses? Will you love your home again? Or, will you list it? When structural realities, infestations and budgetary constraints threaten Hilary’s ability to complete every renovation on her list, or unrealistic demands and a hot local real estate market prevent David from finding the perfect combination of house, location and budget, emotions will run high. When the tears clear and the heated, candid conversations come to an end one thing is certain: forced to weigh their options between David’s spectacular new home or Hilary’s inspired re-imagining of their old one, the hosts and audience alike will be on the edge of their seats desperate to hear the homeowners decision: Will they love it? Or will they list it?

Love it or list it

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