New Season: Shades Of Blue, Season 3 (2018)

Shades of Blue, Season 3 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning June 17 On Global Television

Six months after dual near-death experiences, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) and Wozniak (Ray Liotta) have radically different reactions to their respective traumas. Harlee attempts to start anew and reject the short cuts, temptations and graft that surround her. But her ordeal in the woods at the hands of Stahl (Warren Cole) still grips her, and she is haunted by visions of the rogue FBI agent. Meanwhile, Wozniak embarks on a vengeance quest, driven to reclaim both his standing and domain of small-time corruption and effective policing. At this existential crossroads, the crew responds to a midnight massacre that proves to have deep roots within the untouchable and corrupt Intelligence Division of the NYPD, headed by Capt. Ramsey (guest star Bruce McGill).

Ramsey’s top lieutenant, Cole (guest star Nick Wechsler), befriends Harlee and the unlikely allies find common ground in once swearing an absolute loyalty to their respective mentors that is now at odds with their impulse to forge their own moral path. Wozniak and the crew walk a tightrope between justice and shielding a malevolent force within the NYPD, drawing Harlee toward the crucible of her life.

Shades Of Blue

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