New Series: Truck Night In America (2018)

Truck Night in America

Canadian Broadcast Premiere
Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning March 8 On History Channel

It’s truck versus terrain as 50 truck owners from across the United States compete in grueling challenges that test their ingenuity and driving ability. With the assistance of four experts, owners will compete for the chance to drive the toughest, most arduous truck obstacle course ever built, and drive away with the $10,000 prize.

Each episode of this self-contained competition series features five drivers in their personal customized trucks and jeeps going head to head in three challenges, each testing a different vehicle attribute: speed, strength and handling. Between each challenge, competitors demonstrate their craftsmanship by re-engineering their trucks for the next round.

The last two finalists standing then take on a three-mile, truck killing obstacle course known as “The Green Hell,” which challenges trucks and drivers to fly off jumps, climb a mountain of crushed cars, and tear through a snake-infested swamp. Five trucks will enter to compete, but only one can win and take home the prize money and the title of “Truck Night Champion.”

Truck Night


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