Review: Lauv-The Mod Club, Toronto-February 14, 2018

Review By: Robyn Crosby

Lauv In The Air

He’s a singer, songwriter, producer and indie pop artist and he played to a sold out show on Valentine’s Day.  The “I Met You When I Was 18 World Tour” was the singer’s second visit to Toronto.  Relatively new on the scene, at the age of 23, he’s amping up a ton of hits; Lauv ranks 83rd in the world streaming on Spotify roughly over 16 million monthly listens.  He co-wrote Cheat Code’s “No Promises” featuring Demi Lovato and is currently featured on DJ Snake’s “In A Different Way”.

Lauv’s sweet spot:  songs about relationships.  Breakups mostly.   He started the show off solo with a teaser of his banger “I Like Me Better” (when I’m with you).  Then accompanied by his keyboardist and drummer, he opened up his umbrella and officially opened the show with “Paris In The Rain”.

Things that were insane about the show:
1)  The whole room or at least the majority of the floor knew and sang all the words to every song.  Why insane?  Since 2015 Lauv has two short EP’s out and a playlist vs. an album on Spotify/Apple Music.
2)  Lauv’s layers of clothing.  He eventually shed them and we were all a little surprised at how hot we all made The Mod Club. He repeatedly joked about how hot this stop of the World Tour was and at one point asking for less fog/smoke on stage after completing the song “Breathe”.
3)  So many couples on dates, listening to songs about break ups.

Lauv’s relatable song lyrics won the crowd over likely before they even arrived.  His endearing charm, sweet voice, dancing (jumping and spins really) andoccasional guitar playing held them captivated.  He spoke a lot throughout the show, sharing he was a bit nervous but mostly excited for his show falling on Valentine’s Day.

Before he ended the show with “I Like Me Better” and “The Other”, Lauv mentioned a table was set up at the back of the venue where his fans could write any type of sentiment they wanted.  “Thoughts are just thoughts” he said and encouraged anyone who needed or wanted to go drop off a note or thought in The Box With Thoughts (PostSecret Style), which are later posted on a special website.

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