Review: “Switched For Christmas”-Hallmark Holiday Movies 2017

By: Mandy Jo Rindhage

New for Hallmark’s 2017 Countdown to Christmas movies is “Switched for Christmas”.  The movie is set in the small town of Littleton, Colorado that is just an hour outside of Denver, where we have a set of identical twin sisters who are very different.  Kate, is a single marketing executive that leads a healthy lifestyle, with the very perfect condo and no Christmas decorations. Chris, is a divorced mom of two kids, and a school teacher, has a very cozy home that is nicely decorated for Christmas.  The twins are both in charge of Christmas parties, as Kate gets thrown into her work Christmas party because of her organizational skills.  Chris is in charge of her school Winter Wonderland Christmas party, but is stifled because it needs be the same as it has been for years.

The women end up thinking they are each having lunch with dad, who as it turns out is setting them up to have lunch with each other.  While at lunch they get into an argument of who has the easier/more difficult life, which leads into the discussion of the Christmas parties.  They end up deciding to do a switch, like they did when they were younger.  They figure they’ll do a test run and see if they can still pull it off.

The switch has its ups and down.  However, they really do get to see how the other one lives.  Then, as with any Hallmark movie, they have each have a love interest.  You can tell that in a last-minute meeting, one love interest is suspecting something is different about Kate.

Do the kids know?  Does dad know?  The dad almost blows Kate’s cover when she is pretending to be Chris, because he can tell them apart.

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They each try to put their own spin on their Christmas parties, which is obviously different due to their personalities.  You have Chris as Kate putting a more homey, friendly spin on an office party and Kate as Chris trying to scale up a hometown winter wonderland.

The cast is absolutely fabulous.  The acting is excellent, especially being that the wins are actually played by Candace Cameron Bure.  What a difficult act to pull off ,and she does it perfectly.  Can you imagine having scenes like that where you are having a conversation with yourself?  She proved it can be done successfully.  Plus, she technically then got two love interests.  No other movie out there like that.

Speaking of love interests, they were played by Mark Deklin and Eion Bailey.  Mark played Greg, Kate’s love interest and Eion played Tom, Chris’ love interest.  At least, that is who the men think their love interests are.  Who ends up with who in the end?  Check out the movie and find out!

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Chris’s daughter Piper are played by Natasha Bure.  Yes, it is a mother & daughter playing a mother & daughter.  My favorite comment was when Greg saw a pic of Piper and said that she looks like her mom.  Such a true statement.  Gabe, Chris’ son is played by Cooper Johnson.  My favorite scene with him is when he sees the breakfast smoothie his aunt fixes for them with a horrified look on his face.

Also, keep a special eye out for Happy the rescue dog!

Credit: © 2017 Crown Media United States, LLC | Photo: jeremy lee

Watching the previews for this movie I wasn’t sure how they would pull off one actress playing twins.  However, the story line is actually pretty easy to follow and keep straight.  This is a movie that will be one to watch over and over.  I highly recommend seeing this movie.

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