Ontario Place Is Getting A Winter Light Exhibition (2017)

The West Island of Ontario Place will be home to 12 illuminated exhibits by 20 local artists. Woven through the fabric of the landscape, the exhibition will guide visitors through a journey of exploration all while enjoying the beautiful winter setting.
Here are the pieces you’ll find along the way:

Bridge of Imagination by Phil Sutherland and Reanna Niceforo
Icicle Silo by Chris Foster
Elevated Wavelengths by Jeff Howard & Codrin Talaba
Expanded Horizon by Polymétis
Kizmet’s Future Light Mural by Kizmet Gabriel
Lumos by Matt DesLauriers, Steven Mengin, Jean-Michel Gariepy
Reactor by Ryan Longo
Shard by Nuff & Nupanap
Shine and Shimmer by LeuWebb Projects
The Crunch of Snow Underfoot by Andrew Maize & Joshua Collins
Winter Fields by Tonya Hart
Winter Lights by Catherine Curran

Hours of operation: December to March Daily 5am – 12am

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