Watch: Kat McDowell Shares Music Video For “Language Of My Heart”

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LA-based singer-songwriter Kat McDowell is sharing her music video single “Language of My Heart.” The uplifting, acoustic track is co-written by Kat McDowell, Richard Rudolph (Minnie Riperton, A Tribe Called Quest, Stevie Wonder), and produced by Grammy-nominated Adam Berg (The Decoders). “The Language” previews McDowell’s forthcoming record TEN, to be released spring 2018.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Language of My Heart,” Kat explains, “I have a friend I first met in Japan, and have become surf buddies with here in LA. We spend a lot of time talking to each other in Japanese and English. One day, when she picked me up to go surfing, I noticed her car navigation was in Spanish, and I realized that even though we both speak to each other in Japanese and English, she had a whole other language in her repertoire, that I hadn’t heard her use.”

“So I asked her which language she feels most comfortable in, to which she replied, ‘I love all three languages, but to me Spanish is the language of my heart,’ and I loved that line so much I decided to write a song from it.”

Born in Tokyo and raised in NZ, Kat McDowell has always loved music. While drawing inspiration from artists like Foo Fighters and Jason Mraz, Kat’s ocean-pop sound delivered in a blend of Japanese and English is definitely her own. She mixes acoustic guitar-led melodies with emotionally transparent lyrics.

Her career kick-started when Kat signed with Sony and Avex Group in 2007. Her partnership with them yielded her first full-length release, Nagoriyuki. The album’s limited physical vinyl edition went on to reach #1 on Japan’s vinyl charts, selling out in two days.

Outside of the studio, Kat has been recognized for her performances in high-profile TV ads. Additionally, she has performed over a thousand live shows (both throughout Japan and internationally), sharing the stage with bands like Switchfoot and Colbie Caillat.

Kat’s mission is to connect people through music, which shows through her openness in her YouTube videos and highly interactive performances. In 2015, she was a Top 5 finalist in Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter Competition out of 14,000 submissions, and in 2016 her YouTube channel was selected as a winner in YouTube Next Up’s creator program.

She successfully crowdfunded her forthcoming album TEN, which is an ode to ten years since her first artistic debut. It will be released early 2018. Of the release, Kat emphasizes, “A lot of the newer songs on the album, are about finding freedom in who you are.”

When Kat’s not singing for a princess in Japan or for girls in a safe house in Nicaragua, she’s in the studio recording, or surfing at Venice Beach.

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