Listen: Electro-Rock Band Mute Choir Releases New Single “The Pedestrian”

Toronto electro-rock band Mute Choir recently released their new debut single “The Pedestrian” (via iTunes). Produced and written by lead vocalist Sam Arion, and co-written by Tyler Fyfe, “The Pedestrian” encompasses Arion’s evolution as a songwriter, discarding traditional pop and rock lyrics for more psychological concepts.

“As an artist growing up in the suburbs I struggled a lot with a mental battle between taking the responsible, realistic, safe path in life, vs. the path that would no doubt be more difficult, more risky, and could very well never work out, but ultimately was what made me feel happy. For me that was music. Given some time, I realized I would rather fail miserably pursuing my passions, however unlikely a successful outcome might be, than to forever regret not trying and from an early age I made a promise to myself that I would never wake up asking myself “what if”?

“This song is a fictionalization of that person I never want to be. It’s about waking up at thirty, realizing you traded your teenage dreams and passions for safely and comfort, and have become a stranger in your own skin”, said Arion.

Arion, born in Iran and raised in Richmond Hill and Newmarket, had a previous taste of success in the music industry. After being signed to a major label with another band, Arion discovered that the demands of the situation ran counter to his musical philosophy. The only clear solution was to make a clear break and take full command over his artistic output, thus creating Mute Choir.

Mute Choir’s “post-electronic” sound highlights Arion’s musical split personality as a balladeer and experimentalist. The Toronto-based musician looks to create music with a message, blending untamed electro-rock and introspective balladry.

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