The Bazaar Of The Bizarre: Pia Bouman Ballet School-October 8, 2017

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Plastik wrap presents: The Bazaar of the Bizarre: Halloween 2017, Toronto edition

What: A marketplace for all things, different, interesting, macabre, out of this world…”not your grandma’s craft show”. ;)

When: Sunday October 8th 2017, open to the public from 11am – 8pm
Where: Pia Bouman Ballet School, 6 Noble street, Toronto

The bazaar remains a true Bazaar of the Bizarre, open to the public with free admission, and showcasing a wide variety of independent artists, designers, and crafters.

My Heart and Armour
Jess Hrycyk
Aliza Blue
Frills and morbidity
Installation Creations
Sara Lou Art
Dragons Skye
Salty Talk Embroidery
Skullpture Queen
Neal Auch Photography
Dylan Madeley, Writer
Drop Dead Candles
Ghoul’s Night In
Little Shop of Hearts
COVEN by Sonia Kang
Anamnesis Syndrome
Norman Cristofoli
Laurien Rowan
Tarot by Tracy Lynn
Gypsy Circus
Fluffer Designs
Atelier Quebec
Le Petit Chapeau
Sword in the Stone Crafts
Mental Floss Sideshow
Precious Mutations: The Art of Keith Busher
Rachel Tham
Noelle Anne. N
Gruesome Twosome
Shark Bite Ink
Fetish For Fashion
LottaLux Co
Raygun Designs
Earth Kisses Sky
Beyond the Dark Veil
Lab Monkey Number 9
Wildling Tramp
Silly Lilly’s
Lily James Apparel
Fn Vegas Art
Skull Buttonz
Zentner Arts
Priestess by Chelsea Jamieson
Revprint Studio 205
Creepy Christine
Krampus Army
Chained Creativity
Jeffs rings and things
Lea’s boutique
Prouse Pottery & Soap Co.
Darlings of the Dead /Casual Taxidermy
Mark S. Gagne Painting & Illustration

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