Watch: Keith Urban Crushes “To Love Somebody” For The Bee Gees Tribute

This is seriously one of my most favorite songs, and I love hearing new covers of it.

Check out this wicked cover by country star Keith Urban.


34 thoughts on “Watch: Keith Urban Crushes “To Love Somebody” For The Bee Gees Tribute

  1. ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING!!! When you don’t think there could ever be anything better than the original…..then there is Keith Urban’s tribute performance to the Bee Gee’s TO LOVE SOMEBODY during the Grammy special in May 2017. Likewise almost better than that was to watch the remaining BROTHER GIBB revel in the sweet…sweet sounds from Keith Urban!!!

      1. Kat oh my gosh , i most definitely agree. He is the sexiest man alive! I listen to that song alot! He is married to Nicole Kidman , that kind of surprised me!

    1. I have no words other than I didn’t think I could possibly like Keith Urban more than I already did until I saw that performance.

    2. I am so taken by this rendition. I’ve listened to it so many times since I heard it for the first time a week ago. I never paid much attention to Keith Urbans music but you can bet I will now. Thank you

    3. I love Keith singing this song!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🎶🌹🎶🎶I would love a copy why can’t l copy it!!!! Please no one sings like him!!!!

  2. i’ve been looking for this on youtube and was unable to find it, thank you for posting!!! This is such an amazing cover, one that I will always listen to!

  3. Lots have tried to sing this song with the passion the Beegees put into it,but,untill now it had not been done. Keith Urban should put this out. Omg greatness.

  4. Awesome simplicity of one guitar one vocal… He definitely does not need voice tune or over dubs… A great cover of one of the top songs from the 70’s!!

  5. You know, I have listened to this about a hundred times since I saw the show. This is bordering on better than the original. I so want this as a download.

  6. A man and his guitar. So simple, profound, sincere. He shattered all around, including me, but, I know I’am not alone here…

  7. I came Love Keith Urban when he was on American Idol.
    I have seen him brought to tears while watching the contestants and giving his comments. Thought he was amazing then.
    After watching this performance, I was brought to tears myself as no words can describe the beautiful rendition of this song.
    My heart soars for him and for Barry Gibb.
    Truly amazing. Thank you.

  8. I just really love him and this is one of the best covers of the Bee Gee’s I’ve ever heard. He should record this. I would buy 50 copies lol

  9. Why oh why won’t he record this version??? Sales of it would go through the roof!! Please Keith! Truly AMAZING! At least we have it here so we can listen time and again. Thank you!

  10. I just love Keith’s rendition of the song from the very first time I saw it posted on his website! I would love for Keith to put this song on his next CD along with FEMALE! You are the best Mr. Urban!

  11. I have listened to hundreds of singers in my life time, I am 83+, and all types of music, but there is something about Keith Urban that is MESMERIZING! I think it is his joy of singing. He truly LOVES what he doing. I have read some of the previous comments and agree that Mr. Urban definitely needs to RECORD this song, PLEASE, before I get any older! Thank you Keith you make me wish I was young again.

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