Watch: Rococode Release Lyric Video For “Brutal”

Lead Photo: Lynol Lui

Vancouver’s Rococode is Andrew Braun and Laura Smith, who infuse their hook-filled songs with lush synth textures and duet vocals, resulting in an infectious sound that Andrew calls, “a marriage of our contrasting personalities.” The Young Ones EP highlights this musical chemistry by fusing Braun’s exploratory tendencies with Smith’s razor-sharp pop sensibilities. 

Rococode will release the Young Ones EP on June 16 via Marquis Artists.

The EP’s rich synth palette and exotic aura is on full display in the lyric video for “Brutal”, which juxtaposes sublimely ascending vocals with darkly buzzing synth bass and knotty rhythms. Laura’s airy tone floats over the heaviest track on the record, trying to cope with inner turmoil and stay grounded in the midst of chaotic times in the outside world.

The band says, “In the end it’s about trying to be a good person in a tough time.”

Watch The Video Below:

The Young Ones EP’s six tracks were composed largely during a collaborative songwriting retreat in Los Angeles. “We wrote songs in kind of a hip-hop way, using samples as opposed to a chord progression or a riff. We were writing around a vibe or a hook or a sound,” says Smith. Co-producers Caleb Shreve(Phantogram, Bear Hands, Tegan and Sara) and Jon Siebels (Eve 6, Switchfoot, Dreamers) helped to nurture the band’s catchiest inclinations.

Following the L.A. session, the duo fleshed out the arrangements during a residency at the National Music Centre (NMC) in Calgary. They were given access to the NMC’s extensive collection of vintage synths, which Braun excitedly describes as “the most ridiculous collection of instruments ever assembled.” Back in Vancouver, they polished off Young Ones at Monarch Studios.

Standout single “Is It Real” sets acoustic strums against euphoric, pitch-bent synths, while swaggering title cut “Young Ones” centers on an unforgettable wordless chorus. The fuzzy low end of “A Love That You Will Never Know” is dark and menacing, but the cloudburst chorus is pure sunshine.

Young Ones is about trying to maintain a youthful feeling throughout your adult life,” Smith says. “It’s about trying to keep things light in the midst of so much heaviness.” Whether on album or during ecstatic live performances, this is Rococode’s ultimate goal: to find escape in music and make their way out of the darkness.

Young Ones EP Track List

1 – Young Ones
2 – Why Do I
3 – Is It Real
4 – Brutal
5 – A Love That You Will Never Know
6 – Can’t Get Enough

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