Watch: The First Trailer For New Webseries “Boombats”


Created & written by: Tony DeSantis
Directed & edited by: Bryan Kowalsky

BOOMBATS is a character driven dramedy that revolves around Bobby ‘Boombats’ Battali, the underachieving black sheep of his quirky Italian family. Indebted to the local mob and controlled by the sexually repressed widow, Mrs. Scrota, Bobby hatches a quasi-legit business venture called ODD JOB BOB. His older and more successful brother, Lorenzo, views this as just another failure. Lorenzo is a sexually conflicted bachelor who still lives at home with his Mama. Mama/Nonna, the religious matriarch, is caught in the crossfire spending most of her time diffusing her polar opposite sons’ feuds when she’d rather be dishing out food.

Watch The Trailer Below:


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