Watch: Rykka’s New Video For “Runnin’ Away”

Photo credit: Lynol Lui

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Rykka‘s new video shows her wild and carefree as she tours around the back hills near Zürich.

The video was filmed in Lucerne and Meilin, Switzerland and directed by Brianne Nord-Stewart. Director Brianne Nord-Stewart has this to say about the video:

We’ve done three music videos together. “Runnin’ Away” was filmed in Switzerland and it was a unique experience to spend time living on Rykka’s farm and travel down the hill to swim in the Zurich lake every day. For two weeks we shot the music videos and edited them. This opportunity of living together fostered a unique collaboration as artists. I don’t think I could repeat those circumstances with just anyone. Beyond talent, Rykka’s vision of who she is as an artist is clear and unfaltering.

Watch The Video Below:

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