Visit: A Magical Harry Potter Yoga Experience

Pop Up Asana Toronto announces HP Yoga T.O. !

An all-levels, magical Harry Potter yoga experience.

The classes will run for a limited time on Saturdays from February 25 to March 18 at The Drake Hotel.

All proceeds will be donated to SickKids.

See event details and links below:

Wizards, Witches and Muggles are encouraged to wear Hogwarts-themed clothing and be ready to cast yogi spells and conjure Patronus Charms in a space filled with book-inspired decor.

On their mat with wands in hand, students will transfigure between poses like Downward Dumbledore (Downward Dog) to Wizard 1 and 2 (Warrior 1 and 2) and Womping Willow (Tree Pose).

Pop Up Asana Toronto presents HP Yoga T.O.

Where: The Drake Hotel (Underground) @ 1150 Queen St. W.

When: Saturdays – February 25, March 4, 11, 18 | Classes: 10:00am-11:00am & Noon-1:00pm

Tickets: $9 3/4 Advance Tickets ($9.75) or limited $12 tickets available at the door (first come, first serve).

Details: Witches, Wizards and Muggles 18 and older welcome.

Bring your own mat. Harry Potter-themed wardrobe encouraged!




***TICKETS FOR 10AM CLASS AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17 @ 10:00AM*** | Twitter: @PopUpAsanaTO | Instagram: @popupasanato | Hashtag: #HPYogaTO


About Pop Up Asana Toronto:

Pop Up Asana Toronto is led by Tara DiGi and Alaina G two inspired music industry yogis working to bring yoga to the masses through innovative and fun pop-up events in Toronto, with all proceeds donated to local charities. The duo launched in Summer ’16 with a series of yoga classes inspired by the “6God” with Drake Yoga T.O., raising over $2,600.00 for the MLSE Foundation.

For more information, contact:



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