5 Ways For Music Artists To Use Twitter’s ‘Moments’

Twitter recently announced that it had rolled out its ‘Moments’ feature to everyone. Moments are curated stories showcasing the very best of what’s happening on Twitter, including pictures, highlights, and headlines.

We’ve done some research, and have come up with 5 ways music artists could be using Twitter’s ‘Moments’ to their advantage.

1. Live Show Moment: Create a moment with a collection of show reviews, fan comments, photos, videos etc


2. Twitter Chat Moment: Plan on doing a fan Twitter Q&A? Collect and save your favorite questions and comments.

3. Album Release Moment: You’ve put in the work, why not create a moment around your latest project complete with fan comments, radio station promo etc


4. Special Events Moment: Create a moment of your involvement with a special event, such as a charity concert, festival performance or record store appearance. Or take your fans behind the scenes maybe with a “day in the life of”

5. Fan Club Moment: Create a moment compiling tweets from your fan club.Use a specific hashtag (ex. Lady Gaga uses the hashtag #JoanneCrew) to collect fan art, videos, gifs etc



Here are some considerations for creating Moments:

  1. Keep your titles short, but descriptive
  2. Use the description to give people a taste of what they’ll find in your moment
  3. Your cover photo is like the cover of a book. Pick a great one that people can’t resist!
  4.  Keep your moments snackable with around 10 tweets

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