Watch: Bitter’s Kiss Releases Music Video For “My God”

bitters-kiss-1Similar To:  Regina Spektor, Sixpence, None the Richer, Nellie McKay, Sarah McLaghlan, Carole King
Released Date: Sept 20, 2016
Members/Instruments:  Chloe Baker (vocals/guitar/piano), Michael Baker (guitar/piano/bass/drums)

A new music video from Bitter’s Kiss  explores humanity’s attitude towards religious identity and intolerance, focusing on its contradictions and justifications.

Singer/songwriter Chloe Baker explains “My God” in her own words:

“My God is my reaction to the irony in religious conflict. Religious beliefs are most often promoted as ways to make us better people, but can also be used to justify violence against others, with both sides believing that God is on their side. The idea for the video was to show sameness and humanity in our different religious expressions.”

Watch The Music Video Below:

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