Listen: Luke From Gilmore Girls Has A Blues/Rock Band

That’s right Gilmore Girls Fans! Scott Patterson (AKA Luke Danes) fronts a 70’s inspired Blues/Rock band ‘SmithRadio‘. 


From their website:

“Scott Patterson formed his first band in third grade and started writing his own material at thirteen. Since that time he’s compiled over 500 songs that cover all genres and styles. His newest band – SmithRadio – is a power blues/rock group that has already garnered rave reviews after just three concerts. Influenced by the iconic, big arena sound of the early seventies, SmithRadio offers searing guitars, big beats and passionate vocals along with heartfelt ballads.”

“When I play my guitar I hunt for chords, progressions that evoke something – a feeling, an image. When it’s right the song just floods in, overwhelms me.  Then it’s a mad rush to get it down on paper before it changes. The lyrics start with a word, then a sentence, then a verse, then a chorus.  It’s about what you feel as much as what makes you feel.”  – Scott Patterson

Debut Single ‘Haha’ drops Nov 23 on iTunes Amazon Google etc.

No official tracks are out yet, but check out these clips below which they posted on their Facebook Page:


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