Netflix Shares ‘Stranger Things: Volume 1’ Score Release

Netflix’s hit Eighties-inspired sci-fi series Stranger Things will release two volumes of its synth filled soundtrack.

Stranger Things, Volume 1 arrives digitally August 12th, with a CD release planned for September 16th.

Volume 2 is out digitally August 19th followed by a September 23rd physical release.

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Stranger Things, Volume 1 Track List
1. “Stranger Things”
2. “Kids”
3. “Nancy and Barb”
4. “This Isn’t You”
5. “Lay-Z-Boy”
6. “Friendship”
7. “Eleven”
8. “A Kiss”
9. “Castle Beyers”
10. “Hawkins”
11. “The Upside Down”
12. “After Sarah”
13. “One Blink For Yes”
14. “Photos in the Woods”
15. “Fresh Blood”
16. “Lamps”
17. “Hallucinations”
18. “Hanging Lights”
19. “Biking to School”
20. “Are You Sure?”
21. “Agents”
22. “Papa”
23. “Cops Are Good at Finding”
24. “No Weapons”
25. “Walking Through the Nether”
26. “She’ll Kill You”
27. “Run Away”
28. “No Autopsy”
29. “Dispatch”
30. “Joyce and Lonnie Fighting”
31. “Lights Out”
32. “Hazmat Suits”
33. “Theoretically”
34. “You Can Talk to Me”
35. “What Else Is There to Do?”
36. “Hawkins Lab”

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