Post Death Soundtrack-Beauty Eyes I Adore (Dark Highway Mix)

Beauty Eyes I Adore (Dark Highway Mix) is the first of many remixes to come from Canadian trip hop/psych/industrial rock trio Post Death Soundtrack off their latest album The Unlearning Curve

Dream like, mysterious and dark, you get the sense that Post Death member Jon Ireson (who remixed the track) is trying to navigate you through an unknown, even possibly dangerous new world as gently possible, and although the journey is fuzzy and full of fog, you never get the sense that you’re in any real danger due to the floating background harmonies that bring a light, calming, ‘spiritual’ presence.

Listening to the rest of the album you start understand that these tracks were meant to be the soundtrack to self-discovery, perspective and that ever constant internal battle of balancing self-control with instability.

If you’re fans of Massive Attack, Skinny Puppy or Portishead then you should definitely be adding Post Death Soundtrack to your playlist.


Post Death Soundtrack is: Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore, Jon Ireson
Vocals by Steve Moore & Kenneth Buck
Lyrics by Steve Moore & Kenneth Buck
Produced & Engineered by Kenneth Buck & Jon Ireson
Mastered at Suite Sound Labs in Vancouver (
Album cover art – original painting by Kayla Aileen Brown

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