Listen: Monarch “In My Blood”

Toronto synth pop trio Monarch makes their debut with their yacht ready summer cruiser In My Blood.
The group, comprised of guitarist  Ryan Farley (Oscar Tango), Percussionist Greg Harrison (Taktus) & singer Maya Killtron came together in early 2015 and started writing & jamming for fun. “We all come from different backgrounds, rock, classical, R&B but all shared a love for a particular era of 80’s synth pop/rock. It just made sense to join forces and make music we love folding in all our own strengths.” 

In My Blood is the perfect warm weather operator. It’s shimmering synths & guitars paint a perfect homage to the early 80’s golden era of synth pop while more unusual elements like classical percussion and 90’s era vocal harmonies give it a new twist. The lyrics whisk you into a new world but the beat keeps your crisp new Sperry’s dancing on deck.

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