The Late Show With Matt Shury

12743954_470931763091532_5347468649457520744_nWe love comedian Matt Shury! and he’s back in Toronto this weekend to host:

The Late Show-Chapter 3

When? The last Saturday of the month!

Specifically? Saturday April 30th @ 930PM!

Where? The Vapor Social: 839 College St. Toronto (You can bring your green and Vape as God intended!)


THIS SHOW features absurdity, cleverness, Transit Rainman – PLUS a showcase of some talented joke slingers!

These guys n gals:

Calwyn Shurgold – time master!
Joey Harlem – political greaser!
Korri Birch – box ghost!
Liz Joyce – spice enthusiast!
Monty Scott – space invader!

This event is 10$. That’s it!

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