5 ‘Gilmore Girls’ Songs To Get You Ready For The Revival

Every Gilmore Girls fan knows no episode would be complete without a soundtrack to go with it. Whether we’re raiding Lane’s collection under her floorboards with Rory or trying to keep track of Lorelai’s song references when in a heated argument, music plays a vital role.

Below are 5 tracks to get you started on building the ultimate Gilmore Girls playlist in time for the revival.

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#1.  S1E1-I Try by Macy Gray

After their fight at the diner Rory plays this song in her bedroom, seconds later Lorelai plays it in the living room.

#2. S1E8-Pictures of You by The Cure

Lane catches Lorelai and Max off-guard while their kissing, runs to Rory’s room and cranks this.

#3. S1E15-Oh My Love by John Lennon

Dean and Rory sit in the car he’s building for her and discuss it being the perfect moment.

#4. S2E6-The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

Lorelai and Chris show Rory and Dean how ballroom dancing is done.

#5. S2E21-O’Oh by Yoko Ono

This song plays while Jess and Rory walk through New York to get food, and again as they go into the subway to get to the record store.

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