Monique Angele-Answers

Singer-Songwriter Monique Angele has just released her second EP, “Answers”.

It’s available on Bandcamp as a free download here

About the album:  Answers is a 4-track EP, that builds on the first one (which was entitled “Monique Angele” and released in early 2014) by incorporating thick harmonic lines and a wider range of instrumental accompaniment while still maintaining a backbone of piano and vocals. It was recorded in Sydney, Australia and mixed while living/working on an isolated kangaroo sanctuary in far northern Queensland, Australia.

It deals with themes of uncertainty and frustration, but also with redemption and finally contentedness.


About the video (in her own words)Answers was filmed on the east coast of Australia, while traveling from Brisbane to Melbourne, and in the city of Melbourne. It incorporates many varied scenic locations and contrasts them with urban city scenes to comment on the differences between nature and city.

The track itself reflects this idea as it discusses concepts about uncertainty with your current position. It also captures a moment in my life as I made the transition from living/working on an isolated kangaroo sanctuary in far northern Australia to moving to the busy city of Melbourne.

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Instagram: @monique_angele


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