5 Love Inducing Tracks To Get You In A Tizzy For The New Season Of The Bachelor

We’ve got 5 songs to help get those butterflies going.

1. Ben Taylor was supposed to give a private concert for The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe and his one-on-one date, Leslie, at Los Angeles’ renowned Bradbury Building. Instead, Lowe sent Leslie home early and was left to listen to ‘By Your Side’ all by himself.

2. Matt Nathanson appeared on season 16, where he serenaded bachelor Ben Flajnik and runner-up Lindzi Cox with his hit “Faster.”

3. Josh Krajcik performed ‘Let Me Hold You’ for Juan Pablo and Clare while they were on a one-on-one date in a winter wonderland created in sunny Los Angeles.

4. For Ben Flajnik’s The Bachelor Season 16, the theme song was “This Year’s Love.” by David Gray. We saw the song’s return in Episode 3, when Ben played it on the piano for Seattle native Lindzi Cox.

5. During Season 17, Sean Lowe takes Lindsay for a helicopter ride overlooking a mountainous glacier near Glacier National Park which culminates in an outdoor picnic activity at Blackfeet Indian Reservation.Following the picnic, they decided to take in a Sarah Darling concert downtown with thousands of the town’s residents where Darling performs ‘Home To Me’

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