10 ‘That 70’s Show’ Tips On How To Throw The Best Holiday Party Ever

Below are 10 tips on throwing the best holiday party ever courtesy of That ’70s Show

1.Stock Up On Booze:  I have this at number 1 because to me it’s the most important. I wouldn’t want to go to any holiday party without booze, especially if it’s with family or in my hometown. Pull a Laurie and spike the punch.  If you’re the host, make sure to get extra since Jimmy from the office always seems to ‘forget’ his.

christmas booze

2.Stock Up On Food:  What good is a holiday party without treats? and unless you want everyone passed out on the floor from above said booze, you’ll need to feed them. Make Kitty proud by baking up some Christmas cookies or fruit cake. If you’re poor, I’m pretty sure The Dollar Store has candy canes.

70's show food

3.Decorate: Decorate everything! The more ridiculous the better. Be a Bob and put that Santa thing with the reindeer on your roof, and get 8000 multi-color, multi-string, musical lights that’ll annoy the neighbors for hours. I also suggest spraying fake snow from a can all over your windows. If your party goes horribly wrong at least you’ll have great decorations.


4.Get Romantic: Pull out all the stops with Christmas cookie scented candles, play some soft holiday music or take a lesson from Bob, and hang some mistletoe so you can finally have a reason to kiss your friends.

mistletoe romance

5.Dress For The Occasion: If you’re going out, you may as well go all out and dress to impress. Take a page from Kitty’s book and match your whole damn outfit. Or get Jackie inspired and go for the classic red and green theme.

fashion game 2

6.Have An Ugly Sweater Theme: Invite all those people you don’t like, just so you can laugh at them in their ugly Christmas sweaters, you’ll feel better and they’ll get free food, so it’s a win win. If you need inspiration, look no further than Kelso, he’s a man who knows what’s up.

kelso ugly sweater

7.Put Up A Tree:  Pull an Eric and get the biggest damn one you can find, just don’t get caught if you’re stealing it.

christmas tree good

8.Gifts: If you’re going to all this trouble to get the biggest damn tree, then you better have some gifts to put under it. Which leads me too…


9.Secret Santa: Do a secret Santa, that way everyone only has to buy for 1 person, make Jackie proud and do a $20 limit, and you’ll still have money left over to get yourself something nice on sale.

santa list


10.Holiday Movies: and last but not least, if all else fails or you’re feeling lazy, have a holiday movie marathon party. I suggest Fez’s favorite ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ (original cartoon) or go for Kelso’s pick of  ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’

grinch movie

kelso christmas movie

Happy Holidays!!!

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