5 Unanswered Walking Dead Questions

This may contain spoilers, so don’t scroll any farther if you’re not caught up on the show yet.

Before we get started I’d like to point out, I’m a HUGE Walking Dead fan, I’m all on team ‘If Daryl Dies We Riot’ etc etc.

But when I can’t sleep at night and my brain starts to wander, here are 5 questions that continually rack my skull:

1.What’s with Daryl’s damn motorcycle?

Does Daryl look badass on a motorcycle? yes

Do I think he should have one if it wasn’t the zombie apocalypse? yes

Does it make ANY sense to have one in the zombie apocalypse? nope!

Daryl has had 2 motorcycles throughout the show already, each pretty goddamn loud. Here’s what I know: walker’s are attracted to noise and motorcycle’s make a lot of noise.

Not only does it tell all the walkers “hey buddy, over here” it also alerts any other crazies to that fact that you exist.Case in point, a few episodes ago when he blasted through town and got shot at.

All I know is if I was in zombie land, I wouldn’t be riding a goddamn motorcycle, I’d be looking for a smart car or a Prius or some crap.



2. What the hell happened to winter?

I believe on an episode of The Talking Dead they mentioned the apocalypse has been like a year and half.  I might not know a lot, but I do know most places in the states get winter, even Atlanta.  I have a lot of questions about walkers and winter, like:

Do walkers freeze to death?

Do they get stuck in the snow?

Can you build a snowman with one?

How do you run away on  snow and ice without falling?  I can barely run for the bus in slush without dying on a daily basis

How do you not freeze to death?

Rick and the gang just walk around like it’s a balmy 25 degrees every damn day.



3. What happened to the walkers from that barn episode in season 5?

Remember when the gang was weary and hungry and they all slept in a barn during a storm, and then a bunch of walkers came and tried to break in? What happened to them?

The gang literally uses everyone but Judith to hold the doors shut and fight them off. Then what? I have no goddamn idea. It cuts to morning and all is hunky dory.

Did a tornado take them away?

Did they get crushed by trees?

Did they hear an ice cream truck and magically run away?

What happened to those walkers AMC!!??

walkers barn

4.  How is Judith even alive?

I love Judith, she’s cute enough as far as TV babies ago, but seriously, how is she alive?

They had some formula in the jail, but what happened after that? Remember when the gang was starving and cooked that stray dog?

What was Judith eating?

If they barely had enough water for themselves, what was Judith drinking?

Also, all the babies I know cry-a lot, and murmur and gurgle and say stuff like “ma ma ma” and I’ve barely heard one peep out of Judith, she seems to magically shut up when walkers are around.

Also, what about other baby stuff like diaper rash, where are her diapers?

What about teething?

And is she ever going to learn to walk? Seriously everyone caries her around 24/7. You have a house now, maybe you could let her stand on her feet?

I’m no mother, but I hope if  I ever am, I get a kid like Judith, seriously.



5. What’s up with the white t-shirts?

I know it’s the apocalypse and you have to wear whatever you can find/have etc, but seriously everyone is wearing a white t-shirt these days. This drives me insane. Does practicality mean nothing to these people?!

“Oh look, here comes a walker, better stab it in the head” (gets blood all over face and white t-shirt)

I guess Alexandria might have a washing machine, but have you ever tried to get blood out of anything? impossible, especially a white t-shirt.

How many of these are they going through?

On top of that, all their white t-shirts look like they’re  straight out of  a Hanes commerical, all crisp and clean, where are you getting these from?

Did you raid a Walmart when I wasn’t looking?

maggie white shirt

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 - Photo Credit; Gene Page/AMC
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 – Photo Credit; Gene Page/AMC


I don’t know, maybe I’m too picky about this stuff, but I notice it, so I’m assuming others do too.

Have answers? comment below! Maybe some of these mysteries can be solved and I’ll be able to sleep tonight.





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