Watch: Eden Warsaw Releases Music Video For “Dream Of Beaches”

Eden Warsaw’s “Dream of Beaches” (California road trip) is our Video Of The Month! Let us know what you think, and as always share if you like it.


Eden Warsaw – Dream of Beaches from Eden Warsaw on Vimeo.


Past Videos Of The Month:

September 2015: Sex Tape-As If

August 2015:Woods-Jon Hyatt

January 2015:Midday Swim-Summer Eyes

November 2014:Sex Tape-Drive//Slow

August 2014:The Autumn Portrait-My Brother

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April 2014: Waterbodies-Borgata

March 2014: Joel Martin-Discount Sugar Daddy

February 2014: Fade Chromatic-Capable Of Love

January 2014: Saturns-Diamonde

December 2013: Eden Warsaw-Diamonds

November 2013: Stuck On Planet Earth-Fast Forward

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