Listen: Jamestown Revival “California (Cast Iron Soul)”

I’ve decided to start a new segment on the site ‘Empire Unplugged‘. Which for the most part will feature upcoming Country, Americana & Roots artists/music from all over the world.

If you’re wondering how a girl who lives downtown, in one of the largest cities in Canada knows anything about country music, I shall explain.

For about the first 13 years of my life (with the exception of piano lessons) I was pretty much only exposed to country music and classic oldies. My dad preferred the old stuff: Johnny, Merle, Hank, Tammy, Pasty etc..

We also listened to a lot of ‘new’ country: Reba, Faith, Shania, Alan, George.. you get the idea. So you can trust me when I say I could beat you at some country karaoke.

Around high-school I started to really get into Classic Rock, which led me into Americana. Then I moved to Toronto in my early 20’s, got involved in the Toronto music scene (long story) and had many countless nights of filling my eardrums with punk, rock, pop, and everything in between.

Recently however, I’ve found myself gravitating back to a more acoustic sound. It could be because I’m getting older, or it could be because I’m tired of the ringing in my ears, or it could be that as much as I love it, sometimes this city is just way to chaotic and busy and I need some kind of break.

Country/Americana/Roots music allows for me to have this little escape without giving up the city that I love and all it has to offer. Hopefully I’ll be able to reach out to a new demographic, share some really good music worthy of attention and discover some things along the way.

Below is the video for ‘California (Cast Iron Soul)‘ by Jamestown Revival. I discovered them about a year ago and  they really hit me where it counts, and helped me realize I wanted to get back into discovering this kind of sound.

Hope you like it.


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