Emilie and Ogden – NXNE – The Mod Club, Toronto – June 17 2015

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By: Kat Harlton
Photography: Andrew Hartl

Emilie & Ogden was my first act of NXNE 2015 and she did not disappoint. Truth be told, I hadn’t heard of the Montrealer previously and, therefore went into her Mod Club appearance unfamiliar with her work and unaware of what to expect.

What I found was that, despite the name, Emilie & Ogden is not a duet in the classical sense, but rather Emilie Kahn and her harp, which she played masterfully and beautifully. I’ve rarely had the chance to see the harp performed live and Khan made it seem like an extension of herself rather than an instrument. Accompanied by her light, airy vocals, she created an emotional, musical conversation full of depth between herself, her harp and her backing band.

Emilie & Ogden was the perfect opener for Tasseomancy and Ibeyi, setting the atmosphere for the night with her soundtrack meant for rainy days, long walks, daydreams, romantic thoughts and coffee shops.

She did an amazing cover of Taylor Swift’s Style which I actually liked waaaay better. I’d listen to Emilie’s version of it hands down over Swift’s any day (Sorry Taylor).

Emilie & Ogden was the perfect start to NXNE 2015, I’d 100% see her again and given the chance, highly suggest you do as well.

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