An Interview With Kyle Lennan

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Who Is Kyle Lennan and Geoff Norris?

We are independent filmmakers.  I like to think of us as cowboys, we kind of “shoot and run” when we film.  We met at a film group a couple years ago, after a few meetings with the group we realized all we wanted to do was film, the group had promises of filming but it was all talk and no action. Eventually we split from the group, bought some equipment and made our first feature film “Sujet”. I would call it a success, we made it for no money and it played in 6 festivals all over the world. Sujet was a learning process for us, we learned how to work with each other, what each other strengths and weaknesses are, also what works to create works of art through film.  We are now on our second feature film “Presence”. Between Geoff’s directing and writing skills and my cinematography and experience of knowing what works and doesn’t in film we are a pretty solid team.

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You’re currently working on a new film ‘Presence’. What is the film about? What kind of film is it?

Presence is part fiction, part documentary and part delusion.  It’s a psychological rollercoaster that tells the true story of an 18,000 acre airport that the government wants to build over prime farmland in North Pickering, but also tells the fictional story of one man’s struggle to stop it, and the delusion that he has the mental power to go up against one of the highest powers in the world, the Canadian Government.

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Why is it important to tell this story?

The airport is the most disgusting and unneeded act I have ever heard of.  And that’s the whole issue is that not many people have heard about it.  It’s not just farmland, it’s tax dollars, it’s traffic and transit and it’s completely unnecessary. Look what happened in Maribel. The exact same issue, except they went ahead and built an airport and now it sits abandoned. Do we really want that here? 18,000 acres of a failed government project 45 minutes away from Toronto? What does that say about our government? When they spend billions of tax payers dollars to destroy a food source to build an abandoned airport? The scary thing is about all this is that the Pan Am games are around the corner. When they built Maribel they used the Olympics as an excuse, because of the increase in air traffic. I have a feeling the Pan Am games will be the excuse for Pickering.  And we are armed with our creativity and cameras ready for a fight.

What do you hope to accomplish?

We hope to shine more light on this issue. Get the word out there that this shit is happening, and our government has the capability to basically hide plans to build a massive airport in our backyards.

What have been the challenges?

There has been a few challenges while shooting this film. Basically time and money and trying to find people that will put in time for no money. Geoff and I are passionate about filmmaking, trying to find people with the same passion is pretty tough.  Also people don’t realize we aren’t after fame or mass amounts of money, we just want to run around and film shit. Some people don’t agree with the way we shoot things and the success we’ve had by shooting no budget, that’s fine they are more than welcome to join our team.

Are there any other projects you’re working on/would like to share/talk about?

At the moment future projects are kind of on hold until we are done Presence.  Although we do have big plans for the future, stay tuned.

If you could scream 1 thing to the masses what would it be?

The problem with over produced Hollywood bullshit, it’s like taking a Van Gogh painting and shitting all over it and calling it “Godzilla” or “Iron Man” and for some reason people love it. Stop buying into shit movies and buy into films that are works of art.

Kyle & Geoff have started an IndieGoGo campaign for Presence. You can find out more about it here:–2

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