Special Edition | Wonderfest West

Arlene Paculan & Kat Leonard-Wonderfest Creators

Who is Arlene Paculan?

Arlene: I am a Mississauga resident, singer-songwriter of classy jazzy pop. I have been performing across the GTA, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, over the past 3 years. Selected past events include: TD Toronto Jazz Festival, PRIDE Toronto, opening for Jill Barber in Mississauga, Beaches Jazz Street Festival.

Who is Kat Leonard?

Kat: Kat Leonard is a feisty pop performance dynamo, a mix of kd lang, Madonna and Jack Black, serving up song, dance and guffaws in equal measure.

What is Wonderfest-West? / Where did the idea come from?

Arlene:  WonderFest stemmed from an event titled “Wonder Women” where the goal was to showcase female songwriters of different genres, increasing their fan base by performing in front of different types of audiences. Over time, Let’s Make Good Productions decided to showcase more than just songwriters. Now, WonderFest makes sure to showcase all types of art forms! And we didn’t want to exclude the men, so we added “Super Men” to the events. We also provide workshops that help build the foundation for performers. Past workshops include: business plans for artists, songwriting for kids, and empowerment & self-esteem. The concert that happens on Wednesday August 14th at 7pm will feature songwriters, poetry, comedy, visual art, dance, and many other art media. The event will be held at the Mississauga Celebration Square Amphitheatre.

Kat: What Arlene said. WonderFest is quickly growing into a forum and community wherein people are given the opportunity and encouragement to develop their inner artist and express themselves whilst nurturing healthy self-esteem and a positive outlook.


What do you hope to accomplish?

Arlene: I hope to inspire others to create the way I was inspired by incredible people of my craft, such as Raine Maida, Sarah McLachlan, and Alanis Morissette. I want to ignite the creative flame in those in attendance and encourage them to share their creative work – which ultimately empowers them!

Kat: I want people to open up to their possibility, sense their true purpose and power, and gain strength to be dynamic in their own life and pursuits.

Any projects you’re currently/will be working on you’d like to share?

Arlene: I am working on promoting my music and my new album “Everything Begins with Love” as much as I can. Kat Leonard and I also have a duo titled “Musedy Tag Team” which is filled with Kat’s impeccable comedic timing and Arlene’s piano skills. I will be performing at “Rock the Coliseum” on Friday August 16th as part of Mosaic Festival at the Celebration Square in Mississauga and on Saturday August 17 & 18 at the Mabuhay Festival at the HarbourFront Centre.

Kat: I’m in an exciting stage of development where I’m working on new music as well as innovative ways to share the music, which may include a new music/comedy extravaganza show similar to my one-woman musical comedy A Depper Kind Of Love all about my love for Johnny Depp. (Sigh) As I work toward this I will continue to play out’n’about solo as Kat & The Mp3; and with Arlene as Musedy Tag Team; as well as with Arlene, Meghan Morrison and Heather Hill as our Four Winds Collective touring songstorm.

If you could scream 1 thing out to the masses, what would it be?

Arlene: You are worth it and whatever you think about comes about, so you better remember that you are amazing and wonderful things are coming your waaaaay!

Kat: Dare to live!

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