Familia | The Bare Minimum

Allen, Tyler, Mick, Cam
Allen, Tyler, Mick, Cam | The Bare Minimum

 EMPIRE LOVE: I think, though I could be mistaken, that I first met members of The Bare Minimum in the fall of 2010. Their then bassist Mike Gibbons had recently become Buddy Black’s bassist and through a series of shows, parties and hangouts I came to be friends with their original lineup.  Since then, I’ve booked them a few shows and interviews and have had the pleasure of being around as they continue their musical journey.  Simply put, they’re solid dudes, awesome supporters of Toronto’s music scene and have always shown love for  ‘The Empire’. They definitely hold a special place in my heart which makes them Harlton Empire Familia.

You can download/listen to  their latest EP ‘ Why Isn’t Allen Here?‘ on Bandcamp for $1.

The Bare Minimum's Latest EP ' Why Isn't Allen Here?'
The Bare Minimum’s Latest EP ‘ Why Isn’t Allen Here?’



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