An Interview With Ash Catherwood

Ash Catherwood

Who is Ash Catherwood?

Ash Catherwood is a collection of cells, micro-organisms, body parts and memories that enjoys pretending for a living.

You’re a pretty well known guy in the web series scene, can you tell us about your involvement in web content? Thoughts on what works/doesn’t work? Where you’d like to see it go from here? 

Aw shucks! You certainly know how to flatter a guy.
As for my involvement in the webseries scene, I’ve been making the damned things since before Youtube existed. Started out with a little project called Cowboy and Samurai that nobody ever watched… I learned a lot about the importance of production value on that one. (Note to all potential web creators out there: it doesn’t matter if your show has laughs/heart/tits/all of the above, it needs to have production value in order to retain or interest an audience). From there it’s just been about finding projects that I want to be involved with, or finding the people that I want to create projects with.
It’s a pretty liberating medium, nobody breathing down your neck, no conventions to worry about adhering to or breaking. At the end of the day, it’s the creator’s say, something that is not the case in film or television. Hell, do you think Microwave Porn would have ever been made if it were a teevee production? Nope. The flip side of course being that the masses have yet to discover the webseries. Making a webseries is a great way to reach an audience, but a terrible way to reach advertisers/distributors. I’m hoping the near/not too distant future will see that change.

Can you tell us about the newly released web series The Gate? your role as St. Peter, and your role as producer on it? what has been the most challenging aspect? most rewarding?

The Gate follows St. Peter (me), Death (John Chou), Lucifer (Natalie Kulesza) and Jesus (Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll) through their day to day monotony at the Pearly Gates. Sketch comedy! Lucy is constantly trying to get into heaven, Jesus is the slacker pothead relying on nepotism, Death is trying to throw a wrench in the works for his own entertainment.
As for Pete, he was a pretty awesome guy when he was alive, but the years have gone by at a snails pace, and the monotony has caught up with him… the word sardonic comes to mind.
As with anything in this business, the jobs get easier when you surround yourself with the right people. My role as one of the producers on this project was fairly straightforward because I was working with two very talented and like minded web producers. At times I felt a bit like the bad guy because I kaiboshed some ideas and scripts for practicality, but Elize Morgan (creator of Pretty in Geek) and Jason Leaver (creator of Out With Dad) both still talk to me, so I can’t have ruffled too many feathers. Basically, we all just trusted in eachother’s ability and expertise- considering we shot almost 40 episodes in 2 days we had no choice but to trust! We’re all happy with how they’ve turned out, and I can’t wait for people to see them all…. and to make more!

The Gate Stars Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll (Jesus) Ash Catherwood (St.Peter) Natalie Kulesza (Lucifer) and John Chou (Death) through their day to day monotony at the Pearly Gates.

What do you hope to accomplish with the Gate? what is its goal?

What is the goal of The Gate…? To make people laugh. Seriously, creation is an addiction. The reason any actor/writer/painter/sculptor creates is to effect an audience. The desired effect of The Gate is laughter. Muchos muchos laughter.
… and fame.

Are you working on anything else you’d like to share ?

I’ve usually got a few projects in the oven at any given time, this time being no different. Can I talk about any of them? Not yet… it’s all very secret government hush hush type business for the time being, but you can keep track of my comings and goings by liking me on facebook (Ash Catherwood) or visiting me at

What do you hope to work on/accomplish in the future?

At some point in the near future, I do hope to make the jump to the feature film side of the industry. It’s just a matter of time until one of these projects ends up on the big screen… the trick is knowing the appropriate medium for the message. Other then that, I’ll continue acting as much as possible!

If you could scream 1 thing out to the masses for all to hear, what would it be?

Think about this. Why do so many actors take waiter jobs on the side? Look at the verbs involved here. To Act. To Wait. If an actor wants to act, they must take action, otherwise they’ll end up waiting by the phone, or waiting tables. Don’t sit around and wait for a career to fall in your lap. If you want to work, then start working. If it’s been a while since your last audition, find some people and create a project. Take action. Don’t wait. Be an actor, not a waiter. (Unless the tips are really really good).

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